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For a company looking for small business web design services without an existing online presence, the first step is to build a visually appealing website that will connect you to your customers. Whether you are looking to redesign an existing site or design one from the ground up, Sodagorn Media can create a professional website that promotes your small business. We strive to create a website that represents your business, and prepares a visitor be ready to do business with you.


Most small businesses don’t look into getting a new website because they think it is:


1. Too complicated, or

2. Too expensive

3. A frightening or intimidating endeavour (what typically happens is they get an overpriced and unhelpful Yellow Pages website)


With our specialized web design services for small businesses you don’t have to worry about any of those. We can handle your entire project from design, implementation, hosting, optimization and we make recommendations regarding web marketing and help you with written content using our in-house copywriter. And as far as prices go, we offer very affordable website design from the ground up.


We also offer packages that allow you to sit back and relax while we make updates as you require, or we can create for you a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to update your own content, even if you have no experience in web design. Everything we do is geared to help you focus on making money, and not learning computers!


Whether you’re looking for large scale Ecommerce or a simple website to get you started online, we can help. We’ve worked projects of various sizes, from international Ecommerce websites in multiple countries to simple sites for local small businesses, for all types of industries and fields. Please take a look at our previous projects page to see our work.

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The lifespan of your website depends on your ability to maintain and update it. It is our experience that an unmaintained website can become obsolete in a matter of weeks. You must keep the attention of your visitors and clients.


If you currently have a website, or have just finished designing one, we can help you manage it. We’ll support you while providing great value by adding enhancements or suggestions to make your site even better. Best of all, our solutions are high quality, affordable and provide you with peace of mind.


Our Web Maintenance/Repair Service offers your business:


• Guaranteed completion of updates in a timely manner
• The ability to free up your own resources to focus on your business
• Dramatically reduce maintenance costs


We can offer a professional, guaranteed web page maintenance service on an as-needed or retainer basis.

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