Online Digital Marketing

This is one of the most important aspects every single business owner looking to build an online presence needs to know before and be reminded of after they have built a website:  Building and launching the website is only step one of creating a successful web presence.  You can have the nicest looking website in the world, and no one, or not enough people will visit it, or know what to do with your site once they get there.


The reason that will be is that the website has not been optimized for web searches. People use Google, Bing or Yahoo to find services and products these days. Every site should be optimized for search engines to increase traffic to your website.


We can design a marketing plan to ensure your site gets seen by your target audience, we will  recommend changes to your site in such a way that it generates leads so people will interact with your website in a way that creates business for you.


We use a variety of proven SEO strategies to help search engines see your business as a high-quality and relevant result when people are searching for your products/services online.


Our SEO and digital marketing services for businesses are affordable, with reasonable promises (meaning we won’t promise you the world and under deliver) on getting you the best organic search engine rankings. Here are some of the services we provide:


A keyword research report provides a detailed list of which keywords to target to maximize traffic to your site.  This report would be used to optimize your site and fine-tune elements of your website’s structure/content as well as use other methods to increase the exposure of your business online.


To increase traffic a site needs other relevant websites linking to it. We will develop a unique link-building campaign for your company, to find the optimal places (blogs, websites, web directories, etc) to increase the number of relevant and trustworthy inbound links to your website. This directly increases how relevant Google perceives your business.


The heart of any good digital marketing strategy is creating high quality, entertaining, professional and relevant content to your audience that will engage site visitors and generate traffic. We can design and create the content that your customers want to see.


With all of our digital marketing campaigns we provide web analytics analysis that will help you better understand who is coming to your website, what they are doing on your site, and how to increase the chances of them becoming a customer.


We use all of the major online advertising platforms (Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Instagram, etc.) to develop online advertising strategies that are built to reach your target customers on the platforms they are most likely to use.


Increasing leads/sales isn’t always accomplished by just getting more people to your website. Sometimes it’s a matter of being more effective with the traffic that you already have. We will help you test, optimize and improve the likelihood of a user completing a desired goal.

Google My Business Listing Service


Don’t have a pile of money for SEO right now?  At the very least consider our Google My Business Listing Service.


We can get your business hours, phone number, photos and directions on Google Search and Maps — with Google My Business.  We have set this up for many of our clients as the most basic beginner’s option for an online business presence.

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Does all this sound kind of intense?

Don’t be intimidated by all this geek speak, send us a message and we can chat