Graphic Design & Print Services

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Each company we serve is at a different stage of development.  Some companies are just starting out and need a branding strategy, other companies are looking to have new materials or campaigns created, or tweaked.


We design a variety of digital and print materials for businesses. Each design has a distinct look and feel depending on what clientele it is geared towards. Whether it’s a large scale company or a small business, our designs are modern, relevant, professional and clean. Some examples of the type of design services we can provide:


• Business Branding Identity
• Logo design

• Business brochures
• Newsletters and publications
• Advertising and promotion
• Posters and Banners
• Photography
• Interior and exterior signage design
• Trade show displays
• Multimedia presentations
• Website media

• Video editing

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Sodagorn Media has teamed up with an industry leading printer so we can offer high quality print media for less than you pay at your local print shop.  Here are some of the materials we print:


• Business Cards
• Posters and Flyers
• Brochures (tri-fold, quad-fold, rack cards)
• Car Magnets and Stickers
• Lawn Signs (with or without stands)
• Stationary
• Restaurant Menus
• Wedding/Birthday/Event Invitations
• Greeting Cards
• Family Photo Cards (Christmas, etc..)

• If you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us for more options.


Not only will you get top professional print quality at an amazing price, but you’ll get it fast, and it will be delivered straight to your doorstep.  You send us the file, we ship you the material, and you never have to leave your business.

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